SPC in the Media

The COO of SPC, Boulos Balaa, reveals how and why industries must choose the right company for the job

28 May 2019

Q: Mr. Balaa, how do you see the private security industry evolving in the local market of Lebanon?

A: The overall quality of the industry’s service is growing with the demands of the clients. Many now require international quality certifications, specialized training, and more stringent quality control. Every client has their own operating procedures and well reputed companies are adapting to the needs of a more discerning market.

Q: When was your company established and how did it grow throughout the years?

A: SPC was established in 1998. In this business reputation is everything. Long standing clients who will testify to the quality of our service were the key to growing a successful private security company.

Q: What are the obstructions that you face as a company and that your officers face while fulfilling your duties as a private security company and how do you overcome those obstacles?

A: Market regulation and proper implementation of those regulations are the key to any healthy industry; more so in the private security sector. We need clearer more modern laws and more control over license prerequisites to maintain high standards and protect consumers.