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The private security industry, a need not a prestige.

In all its variety of services, the private security sector is gaining momentum in Lebanon and elsewhere. Many indications confirm that private security has found its place in the lives of businesses and individuals as part of their assets. Site security, convoys with armored vehicles, detectors, scanners, tele-monitoring and several other safety devices have become a usual illustration in every aspect of our daily lives, when it was a privilege in the past.
There are many reasons for people to believe more and more in the different services of private security companies. The first obvious cause of the craze for this sector is the response to terrorist risk. Individuals, entrepreneurs and communities are forced to think better about the safety of their workplace and their employees.

During demonstrations and protests, the competence of a security guard remains at the doors and limitations of the premises within the security zone.
On the other hand, during stable security circumstances, and when the country is witnessing seasonal events, part of the event management is to make sure the access control entrances are secured by well-trained officers, and the overall safety and security of the event is ensured; and due to the high number of small companies new to the field with no consideration of the minimum standard backgrounds, well-reputed companies remain the best choice for big events.

Today, a lot of people would think that they will be better protected, in different contexts, by private security, and it has become part of the assets of any new construction project and part of the management concerns.

Boulos Balaa
Chief Operation Officer

Are your business premises up to the latest security standards?

Security is a crucial issue for any public or private institution. Safety standards, often perceived as constraints by professionals, are primarily intended to protect people (customers, employees, visitors) and goods (office equipment, merchandise) from possible risks or damages. Failure to comply with the rules may result in severe perils.
Every day, your premises, your business or your establishment intended to welcome the public is a place of passage, even of life for your employees. In this context, it is essential to consider integrating security measures and infrastructure in any building or construction project as a priority.
Protecting your business premises is therefore more than a mere formality, it is a must to develop your business, it is part of your success.
What are the risks that your company is prone to? And more, what are the standards that you ought to see applicable?
Sinister, accessibility, break-ins… the protection of the company can be heavily compromised. For example, it is estimated that for one fire that occurs in the workplace: the human and economic impact is considerable. Professionals must therefore do their utmost to prevent risks and deploy an appropriate corporate safety policy (evacuation plan, access for rescue teams, choice of materials and amenities).
Failure to comply with safety standards entails risks on employees as well as the premises, and also it is within the civil obligation and responsibility of the employer, not forgetting the necessity for insurance, but as it is said: better safe than sorry.
At SPC, we train our officers to the latest standardized norms and the latest effective trends in safety and security, periodically and thoroughly, and this is one of the reasons why our satisfied clients have been our partners in success for more than two decades.

Joseph Ishak
Mission Coordinator