Armored Vehicles

We source out armored vehicles of all types and all grades to our network of trusted and tried suppliers.

BMS Solutions

All of our computer based systems can be controlled along with any building or facility’s ventilation, heating, power and lighting from a single interface.


Our trained staff operate non-linear junction detectors to detect any and all threats such as mines, bombs or IEDs in an open field or road setting. This technology allows us to cover a lot of ground very quickly.

Explosive Detectors

We use Vapor explosive detectors, the most reliable devices on the market for detection of even very low volatility explosives, and can even pick up small traces on or in clothing, luggage, cargo and vehicles.

Fire Detection

The system will detect the fire early limiting its damage and actively suppress it using dry chemicals and/or wet agents.

Metal Detectors

Still the gold standard for the detection of concealed weapons on people and small luggage, we use walk-through metal detectors to screen anyone accessing a secure area in conjunction with hand-held units for a more thorough search.

Access Control

We specialize in integrating all types of electronic systems conceived to actively protect the external perimeter of a high security area with the systems designed to allow access selectively.


Your manned security can’t be everywhere at once, but the cameras can send all their different feeds to control rooms where the information is stored and available simultaneously and in real-time for your security staff.

Traffic Control

We offer installations for the control of traffic in areas where high perimeter security is required including standard equipment like guard rooms and barricades, also more advanced options such as tire killers and emergency deployable road blockers that will stop a 30-ton truck in its tracks.

X-Ray Machines

We use this technology predominantly for the screening of luggage and cargo because it offers the most detailed view of what’s inside. Our staff is trained in recognizing threats such as weapons or explosives by analyzing the images produced by the machines.