Because security is not a privilege.

Since 1998, SPC has been offering bespoke physical and logical security solutions to a diverse clientele base. Staffed by over 500 skilled professionals, we have become synonymous with top-of-the-industry service from everyone including homeowners, small businesses, diplomatic missions, and government entities.

Why have so many come to trust us with their security requirements? It’s simple. We make security personal. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs. We do this because we believe that today complete security coverage is no longer a privilege but a must.

An unmatched team of professionals.

We offer round-the-clock private security service for the protection of both yourself and/or your property. We do not take this lightly. The key to our success lies in our extensive training programs and the superior quality of our workforce. As such, our security personnel are screened from the day they apply to work with SPC. Each one is then trained to meet the requirements of the job at-hand, using only the latest international security training standards and protocols.

Each individual receives hours of theoretical and practical hands-on education in security and law, public relations, first aid, fire prevention, and public decorum and ethics. All must complete up to eight hours of pre-assignment training with at least 16 hours of basic training within three months of assignment; this includes at least another eight hours of supervised on-job-training. In addition, guards and watchmen get additional training and specialized formations relative to the officer's assigned task (personal security detail, armored convoy, cash in transit, inspection, etc.).

Services that go beyond.

SPC offers a wide range of fully customizable security services. By choosing SPC you will not only benefit from our highly trained personnel, but also from our team of supervisors who perform routine daily visits to your location (home or workplace) to ensure that everything is in order. Our entire operation runs under the watchful eye of our 24-hour control room every day of the year.

Security products for your peace of mind.

When your needs require more than personnel, we turn to tried and tested technologies. Both state-of-the-art software and hardware is at your disposal, including the below:

Of course, above is only a simple of the multitude of options that we offer. If our security consultants deem that you need something more, we will secure the required product from our global network of experts.

Al Hallab - Kasr el Helo
Almas Jewelry
Fawaz Holding
Nexty S.A.R.L
Kabalan Home
Al Sultan Brahim - Lebanese Fish Restaurant
Cin Cin
Beirut Symposium Executive Center
Agha Sarkisian
Hazmieh Village
Sarkis Group International
Saint Therese Hospital
Sursock Tower
Freij Entertainment International
Le Patio
Diwan Beirut
Les plateaux - Ouyoun As Siman
Tradco - Faubourg St Jean
Riviera Hotel
Waterfront City
Samsung - CTC
Majed Al Futaim - Lebanon
Philip Morris International
Al Kharafi Group
Roadster Diner
Lebanese International University
Skoda Auto
Mitsubishi Motors
Kia Motors

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